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The characters in this powerful story are real animals that have all deeply impacted Kerrie's life! She created a free gift, video series to share them with you! Click below to meet the real life cows on their magical farm! 

Cow Tales

After enduring a life altering accident, Oakley, the Unicorn finds herself at a magical farm to heal and escape the hustle of the world. She unexpectedly makes new connections, including three momma cows, three calves, and a spunky Golden Retriever, Rex. Her new farm family is excited to play, when Oakley realizes that she needs more time to recover and process her experience. Through the support, laughter, nourishment, and kindness that the cows provide Oakley, she is able to discover the innate healing ability inside of her that was there all along.

Author and Illustrator 

Kerrie Kay

Kerrie Kay makes her writing debut in Cow Tales, Oakley & The Magical Farm. This story is one close to her heart as it mirrors her personal experience of sustaining a traumatic brain injury from a car accident in 2020. As time went on, Kerrie’s biggest challenge wasn’t overcoming her physical symptoms, but rather the emotional journey of losing who she once was and creating a new life.  


When Kerrie needed it most, she found healing and support in an unexpected place - the cows on her family farm. It was with them that she found connection and joy at the times when she felt the most disconnected and misunderstood. After trying to force healing through many external sources, Kerrie discovered that true healing was something found within herself and nature. 


This became the inspiration for her first book as well as the heart behind her wellness coaching business, Rooted Strength Wellness. Kerrie helps women heal through a food-first approach, always pointing them back to their own innate ability to heal through proper nourishment and delicious food. This approach led Kerrie to connecting with local farmers who use sustainable farming practices that honor both the land and the animals.

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